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Aifer's Unique Featuers

Happiness Project

Aifer is an eco system that helps you to be happy by making you learn and succeed efficiently. We aim to build an echo system which considers the emotional quotient of students along with their academic excellence.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Personalised Mentoring

Aifer provides online academic mentoring services to individuals who are striving to succeed in their coursework and assessments. Our qualified and experienced faculty members will help you with your studies so that you can achieve enhanced grades.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Progress Tracking System

Through the progress tracking system, we do tests to examine, evaluate and analyze your improvement after joining. We always know what your weak areas are and provide more help to you through Aifer's professional teachers to figure out solutions quickly.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Listening Officer

Listening Officer is an initiative to provide psychological services and counselling for students facing stress, depression and other psychological challenges. The department provides a warm, supportive psychotherapy practice for students, and offers information sessions on how to cope with various life issues, such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Online Counselling

If needed, students get referred to professional counsellors for online counselling.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Special Focus on Weak Areas

Our Progress Tracking system is a unique feature that allows us to monitor and provide special focus on weak areas of each student. We provide them with one-on-one assistance in their subjects if needed. This can make a difference in the academic performance of each student as well as promote a learning attitude among them.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Aifer Podcasts

Podcasts are telecasted through Aifer Education App to sustain the motivation level of students by encouraging them to follow up on the daily study plan and guide them easily in their learning journey.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Discussion Tables

Our discussion forums are designed to give you the opportunity to discuss any topic with your peers. These time-limited discussions are arranged for students and are available at different times, depending on your convenience. Aifer Next The program is exclusively for Aifer Alumni and regularly conducts academic sessions, career discussions and interactions with distinguished academics in the field of teaching and research by expert faculties. This helps to guide our Alumni to reach higher levels of expertise and professionalism in their professions.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Aifer Next

This program is exclusively for Aifer Alumni, which regularly conducts academic sessions and career discussions in the field of teaching and research by expert faculties.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Follow Up

Follow up programs till the students qualify the exam.

Aifer's Unique Featuers

Examination Help Desk

We offer our students the opportunity to get assistance during the application, registration process and examination preparation.

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