UGC NET December 2024 Malayalam with Paper 1 Online Coaching

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UGC NET Malayalam Syllabus comprises the evolution of language, art, and literature from the ancient period to modern and postmodern Malayalam. Aifer UGC NET Malayalam course offers complete coverage of the UGC NET Malayalam Syllabus through NET/JRF Qualified faculties led live classes, Comprehensive study materials, Mock Tests, and Practice tests. Aiefr’s Malayalam NET Coaching is well scheduled and structured to make sure students' preparation is consistent and practice-oriented as it demands to crack NET/JRF in Malayalam.

Along with UGC NET Malayalam syllabus-wise classes, study materials, and Mock tests, Aifer UGC NET Malayalam coaching conducts discussions on Malayalam NET exam previous questions and Aifer has published a book of UGC NET Malayalam solved papers, named ‘Ullarivukal’.

UGC NET Management syllabus includes topics such as entrepreneurship development, international business, statistics for management, accounting principles, HR developments under the 10 modules. All the topics are comprehensively covered through recorded classes. Persistent practice tests and mock tests are conducted to retain the mood of the real examination. Solving the maximum number of question papers also helps to enhance exam writing skills. Aifer ensures you a fruitful learning experience and is worth remembering for its amiable atmosphere.

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What Aifer offers you...

    • 98+ Hours of dedicated video lessons in Malayalam
    • 70+ Hours of Live interactive sessions in Malayalam
    • 7 Sets of Previous Year Question Papers with detailed explanations in Malayalam
    • 4900+ Practice questions with detailed explanations in Malayalam
    • 80+ Hours of Syllabus Covered Scheduled video lessons in Paper 1
    • 100+ Hours of Live interactive sessions in Paper 1
    • 30+ Hours of Live Previous Year Question Discussions in Paper 1
    • 100+ Hours of On-Demand Previous year question discussion video lessons in Paper 1
    • 100+ Sets of Previous Year Question Papers with detailed explanations in Paper 1
    • 10,000+ Practice questions with detailed explanations in Paper 1
    • Dedicated Revision sessions
    • Access to Recordings of live sessions
    • Comprehensive Live session PPTs
    • Complete Coverage of the entire syllabus
    • In-depth Study materials
    • Monthly Model Exams
    • Weekly Mega Mock Tests
    • Daily Practice Tests
    • Categorized Previous Year Questions for focused practice
    • Detailed progress reports for tracking improvement
    • E-Book containing Previous year questions with answers

UGC NET December 2024 Malayalam with Paper 1 Online Coaching

    Exclusive Features

    • Pre-tests
    • One to one mentoring
    • Group Doubt clearance
    • ARF Examination
    • Module based Activity groups
    • PYQ based JRF CLUB
    • Personalised Study Plan
    • Schedule of live sessions
    • Group mentoring
    • Resit Option
    • Research Connect / Teaching Enhancement program
    • Happiness Calls From Mithra
    • Tailored Support for exam anxiety
    • Preparation strategy , Winners Talks , Wellness session Via Aifer Perk
    • Categorised Peer Group support
    • On demand Counselling Available
    • Basic Listening Club

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MBA - Central University of Karnataka

I am immensely grateful for the exceptional guidance and support provided by AIFER Education. With their unwavering commitment and strategic approach, I was not only able to clear my CUET Exam but also successfully secured admission to the prestigious Central University of Karnataka for my MBA progr..




Aifer led throughout the journey. Even when the net exams were postponed indefinitely aifer had its novel plans to keep students focused. They always prioritised students' feedback which proved to be an effective way to understand what was necessary to ensure success. Discussion tables and stud..




Many thanks to team Aifer for all the extra efforts they made to help the students in every way possible. The personalized approach of Aifer is extraordinary and helpful in understanding the strengths and weaknesses in each subject. The mentoring, classes, study materials, and learning app were of g..




"The best decision I took 2021 was joining Aifer for NET preparation" First of all, the technical side of the Aifer was very well maintained till our exam. The immediate response from the technical team for the needs of the students was awesome. As the NET exam was postponed many times the Aifer pr..




Initially I didn't have any idea about my preparation. How to plan, what are the areas to be focused, etc... After joining here I got into a systematic study. The most important thing that I want to mention here is the consistency as well as determination that I tried to maintain throughout my ..




നെറ്റിനും ജെആര്‍എഫിനും പഠിക്കാനിരിക്കുമ്പോള്‍, സിലബസ് കണ്ട് ഇതൊരു അനന്തസാഗരമെന്ന് തോന്നിപ്പോകും. എവിടെ നിന്ന് എങ്ങനെ തുടങ്ങണമെന്നു ചിന്തിച്ചു മാത്രം ആദ്യത്തെ പ്രാവശ്യം കുളമാക്കി. അങ്ങനെയാണ് കോച്ചിംഗിനു ചേരാമെന്ന ആലോചനയിലെത്തിയത്. എയ്ഫറിന്റെ സിസ്റ്റം, എന്നെ സിസ്റ്റമാറ്റിക്കായി പഠിക്കാന്‍ സഹായിച്ചു. ജ..




Aifer was really helpful for my net preparation. Notes provided on Aifer learning app are crisp and short ,so that helped for my revision. Even Though i didn't make use of happiness officer facility properly ,I felt it was an innovative idea provided by Aifer. I met this team as Diksha at the b..




It was a nice experience with Aifer. Last year I got an opportunity to study in the institution. I am so happy now, even though I lost JRF for one or two wrong answers I marked . I am so grateful to the whole team of Aifer. They paved us the way to success. I am amazed with the dedication each and e..

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